• 客户/client :     长城开发分析测试中心
  • 项目地点/location :     东莞/惠州
  • 项目面积/space :     xxxxx
  • 参考造价/price :     xxxxx
  • 年份/year :     2018年4月


亚洲国际精品免费还看_亚洲狠狠色2019 免费_亚洲黄页网站免费大全东莞长城开发分析测试中心服务于消费类电子终端及部件行业,记忆存储产品行业,半导体芯片行业,医疗器械行业,智能计量行业。 专注于材料分析检测,SMT缺陷诊断及解决方案,生产过程控制数据收集与分析,生产工艺创新与改善,产品可靠性测试及评估。在ESD静电控制,微脏污控制与洁净生产整体解决方案,机械振动及谐振测试分析,应力应变测试分析,SMT缺陷诊断等领域处于行业顶尖水平。

亚洲国际精品免费还看_亚洲狠狠色2019 免费_亚洲黄页网站免费大全Dongguan Great Wall Development Analysis and Test Center is applicable in consumption electronic terminal industry, memory storage products industry, semi-conductor chip industry, and intelligent metering industry. Its main focus is on material analysis and detection, SMT defect diagnosis and solution, production controlled data collection and analysis, production process innovation and optimization, product reliability test and evaluation. The center is at the pinnacle of its kind in the following areas: ESD static control, mild pollution control and integrated solution of clean production, mechanical vibration and resonance test analysis, stress-strain test and analysis, SMT defect diagnosis.

惠州长城开发分析测试中心通过自主研发可提供洁净室综合设计、优化方案和测试评估等一站式服务。在结净室技术领域拥有近30年的积累, 也是该领域多个技术标准的制定者,拥有多项专利技术。同时提供洁净产品生产的洁净度控制方案、污染根源识别及预防的技术解决方案。相关方案曾获得中国电子和中国电子学会科技进步奖,拥有《产品表面微颗粒污染物检测技术》专利。

Huizhou Great Development Analysis and Test Center can provide one-stop service through independent research and development from comprehensive design for clean room, solution optimization, to test evaluation. Huizhou Center, being the standard maker of various technology, owns many patents in clean room technology with the accumulated experience from the past nearly 30 years, including a technical patent of detecting micro-particle pollution on product surface, at the same time it provides proposals to control the cleanliness of clean production, and technical proposals to identify and prevent pollution source. The proposals have won the Chinese Electronics and the Chinese Institute of Electronics Technology Advancement Award.